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Video Vantage Review | Detailed Inside Look

video vantage review

Video Vantage Review - Does It Work

This is as much an analysis of video marketing as it is a review of Video Vantage, the dynamic and exciting new YouTube software packaged designed to help you dominate the SERPs. Developed by a group of marketing leaders (Devin Zander, Wyatt Jozwowski and Mo Miah), the idea behind this YouTube ranking software is to automate as many of the tasks as possible, allowing you to create more content, and therefore, more profit.

While it doesn't create videos for you, or optimize them, it does kick in from the moment you've finished your video and are ready to upload. All the user has to do it select the optimized video they would like upload, enter their account information, and press a button.

After that there is a slew of options available for getting backlinks and social authority for your new content. After all, the greatest video ever made is worthless unless people can find it; and they find it via search engines. Below we'll take a look at how well Video Vantage performs in these areas and try to evaluate whether or not the time savings and earning potential is enough to warrant a purchase. Let's investigate further.

Video Vantage Official Product Page

Do I need any additional software to make Video Vantage work?

No, this is a complete, ready-to-go package. All you need is your videos and a YouTube account.

Will this software get my video banned or penalized?

Like every aspect of search engine optimization and backlinking, common sense and moderation will always win out. That being said, this software is designed specifically by those who have made a killing marketing videos, so they know what works. If you blast out every single backlink that you can, right off the bat, then you could be in trouble. Build your links slowly and naturally and you'll rank fast, and long-term.

Is there any additional charges or a monthly fee?

No. Video Vantage is a software package that you buy, and own, forever. Unlike a lot of online marketing programs who want to charge you an on-going monthly fee, Video Vantage is yours which you'll use repeatedly to create power-ranking videos over and over.

I don't have a lot of time is Video Vantage really easy?

Yes, it really is simple. The developers aren't some geeky coders, they're professionals who make their living from video marketing. Because of that, Video Vantage was designed to not only make you a ranking leader, but to also save you time. That means the software was built to be simple and quick, allowing you to crank out more SERP leading videos and earn more.

How Important Is Video Marketing?

"If you feel online video is just another over hyped, passing fad, think again. In fact, online video is gaining strength as a source for content marketing."

Forbes Magazine

"When it comes to getting the edge on online marketing, video is where it’s at!"

Strother Communications Group, Inc.

Video Vantage Product Features List

Need More Proof On The Power Of Video?

Video Vantage Review Summary

By now I hoped you've had a chance to understand why video marketing is so powerful, and why ranking with Video Vantage is such a massive leap forward compared to content marketing. And it certainly more powerful and cost (and time) effective than trying to manually rank your videos. People spend more getting one video ranked with an SEO service provider than they would buying this software, and they can use this over and over.

The selling point of this video marketing dynamo is that it truly automates the process of getting ultra-high PR backlinks, effectively allowing you to move on to your next money-making creation. The backlinks are diverse and quality, and come from Wikis, forum comments, and the most powerful social bookmarks available. All the elements you need to skate to the top of search engine rankings, time after time.

Another strong point to consider in your evaluation of Video Vantage is that there is no monthly or recurring cost associated with it. You buy the video marketing software and you own it. Other services by SEO providers charge per use and monthly fees, which is of course silly when you can control the rate of backlinks, the source, the anchor text, and everything else right from your own dashboard; which helps minimize the risk of getting your hard work penalized.

Finally, one of the first things which came to mind when preparing this review was that there simply isn't anything else quite like this out there. It made me ask myself "what took so long." Like you, getting my videos to rank high on Google has been the most frustrating part of the whole YouTube marketing experience. So if you take one thing away from this Video Vantage review, let it be that you'll never once question yourself for buying it. In fact, you'll wish you were the only one that had it.

Using Video Vantage To Succeed

Review Checklist

  • Easy to use
  • No monthly or recurring fees
  • Ultra-high PR backlinks
  • Diversity of backlink sources
  • High quality social authority bookmarks
  • Reload, aim, fire!

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Video Vantage Is The Best Ranking Software