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FB Infiltrator Review | Inside The Hot New Facebook Marketing Plugin

FB Infiltrator Review

FB Infiltrator Review & Demonstration

In this FB Infiltrator review we'll look inside the plugin and see what it can do, and at the features and capabilities which make it unique and compelling. Social marketing has never been more lucrative, and there's no social marketplace quite like Facebook, so having the opportunity  to penetrate or tap into that well, over and over, is what makes Facebook Infiltrator such an exciting new tool.

Whether you're an expert at social marketing or just getting started, you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy you can creative ads and offers (or any call to action) right inside Facebook and achieve conversions and click-throughs like you've never seen before. The creative potential that is unleashed with this plugin thanks to the templates and easy but comprehensive options panel is an enormous; the ease of use is quite surprising.

Ads on Facebook are nothing new, but ads (or any form like opt-ins) that are visually appealing and which almost beg for interaction are. The heart of this new plugin is its ability to create forms which are highly sharable and which garner far higher conversions that ever before. Our analysis of this plugin reveals that it is in fact quite capable.

FB Infiltrator isn't just the latest, new plugin for WordPress, it's something we've never had access to and because of that it stands alone. People who have been marketing via social networks for a long time are scrambling to grab their copy because they've seen the profitability of churning out the high quality forms over and over. To replicate this same level of quality, manually, would take a lot more time. Let's probe into the FB Infiltrator review now.

With this cool new social marketing tool you can create awesome, high-converting profit centers right inside of Facebook. Here are some of the templates you can choose from. Setting up a new campaign takes just a few minutes.


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Features of FB Infiltrator

  • Very easy, one-click installation.
  • Integrate and review your forms in Newsfeeds, Fanpages, Groups & Profiles.
  • 100% Facebook approved and legal.
  • No limit to the type of forms: Opt-in, Giveaways, Affiliate offers, etc...
  • Works with videos or images.
  • Doesn't require Facebook Tabs or Apps.
  • Landing Pages are external and YOURS, so don't worry about about Facebook control.
  • Eliminates the need to mess with iFrames.
  • There is NO monthly costs or additional expenses.
  • Templates & easy step by step instructions included on the dashboard.

Does FB Infiltrator require WordPress?

Yes, this is a WordPress plugin so that you can harness the power of this optimized platform and easily interact with Facebook and your visitors.

I've read more than one FB Infiltrator Review but still can't find an answer... will Facebook ban my account?

Not at all. FB Infiltrator is 100% Facebook approved and perfectly legal to use.

I've never used Facebook for marketing. Is it easy?

It couldn't be more simple. If you watch the video of our FB Infiltrator review you'll see just how easy it is... and it does work. Especially with the included templates, where all you have to do is replace your text and images, you'll have your first campaign up in minutes. Veterans will be smiling, too.

FB Infiltrator creates far more compelling ads and forms than you ever could manually, and it does so in a mere few minutes. As you can see here from this inside look, there's no doubt which one is going to have a higher conversion and be more visually appealing. Your creativity is the only limit to the forms you can design.

Rather than going through the time and work to create and submit poor and un-interesting forms which no one is going to click on or submit to, you can create brilliant ads and forms like these in a mere few minutes. Conversions with this plugin are exponentially higher.

"This software is pure animal, I’ve never seen anything quite like this before!"

"FB Infiltrator is a very easy but powerful WordPress plugin that legally infiltrates Facebook so you are allowed to collect leads and sell products right inside the newsfeed."

"Probably one of the best decisions you can make if you are serious about building a responsive, highly targeted list of hungry customers!"

FB Infiltrator Review & Summary

After reviewing the video and feature list it should be clear that FB Infiltrator really delivers on its promise to open up much more marketing opportunity within Facebook than you've ever thought possible. Anyone can place ads or even a call to action on social media, but providing the visual appeal and credibility that comes from a professional looking form is beyond compare.

Part of why I wrote this FB Infiltrator review was to check simplicity. What really stood out while reviewing this plugin (or Facebook App) is that while it's very robust and comprehensive in detail and output, the interface and user-friendliness make creating unique and stand-out forms a snap, and even fun.

For bloggers it's also worth noting that there haven't been any plugin or site conflicts noted as a result of using this one, a reflection on the superior coding that went in to it. Marketers are busy, real busy, and so the dashboard is a pleasant surprise. Everything you need to complete your next campaign is literally right there at your fingertips.

I've historically not done a lot of Facebook marketing, mostly because of the hassle and lack of good conversions. Now, however, I feel like I can not only compete with the big players in social marketing, but that I can challenge their success. I was extremely amazed to find how easy it is to put together a winning opt-in form for building a massive and highly targeted and active list. As this FB Infiltrator review has shown, this one is a winner and receives two thumbs up!

FB Infiltrator is not only super easy and simple to setup and ultimately create campaigns, every tool you need to run successful campaigns right inside of Facebook is included. As you can see, there's extensive capability to monitor and track a lot of the performance metrics we're interested in.

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