• April 7, 2021

What is the best app to earn money?

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile device and access to many free apps. This opens you to a wide range of possibilities to earn money using convenient online apps. If you want to make money with your mobile devices, keep on reading. In this post, we share the best legit apps for earning money. 

Money App

Money App is a convenient app that is focused on market research. Your experience as a shopper is beneficial for them, so they are ready to pay you. There are many different minor tasks that you can complete, such as mystery shopping, giving your opinion about products, or rating store displays. 


Foap is a convenient app that allows you to turn your photos into money. Both beginners and experienced photographers are welcomed on this platform. Keep in mind that big-name brands use this app to source photos, so the possibilities are open. All you need to do is register and upload your photos for sale. You can sell a picture as many times as you like. There is a flat rate of $10 per photo, of which 50% go as a commission to the platform. However, if you join a mission, you can sell an image as high as $50. There is no minimum amount for cash out, which is one of the most significant advantages compared to similar platforms. 


Slidejoy will replace your lock screen background with sponsored content. All you need to do is install the app and adjust the settings, and use your phone as usual. They pay you for each unlocking, which is a thing that we constantly do. This app allows you to make from $5 to $15 without wasting your time or effort, so expect average monthly earnings of $10. 


Useful pays its users to test different websites and report their experience. In order to get started, you need to undergo a qualification test. To perform a test, you will need to visit a particular app or site and do a set of small tasks. After this, you share your experience and thoughts in a video format. Expect to earn $10 from each test with a duration of 20 minutes, which will be paid a week after completing it. 

Myntra move

Mantra move is an app that gives you the opportunity to earn through walking. This app will track your daily steps and rewards you for them. It is an excellent choice if you enjoy walking daily, or your current job includes walking. You get to earn points, which you can later redeem for cash.

Current app

Current app allows you to earn money for the thing you already enjoy doing: listening to music. All you need to do is download the free app, available for both iOS and Android devices. Besides, there are other opportunities for earning money on this app, such as fulfilling surveys, shopping, and using new apps. You can choose whether you want your balance to be transferred to your PayPal account or redeemed via a gift voucher. 


Taskbuck will pay for doing small tasks such as quizzes or surveys. You can download it on your mile device, as it is both available on Android and iOS. You can earn Paytm cash by playing the available quizzes. 


Gig walk lists many different tasks or gigs, and you can choose which ones to complete. The price ranges from $3 to $100 per gig, depending on the time and skills needed. Customers will post gigs, and you can check the available ones within your area. If you are eligible, you can apply for a gig. The selected candidate will be notified and given complete guidelines for finishing the task. Upon completing and approval, you get paid straight to your PayPal account. This is an excellent choice if you want to find small remote tasks that can be achieved via your smartphone. 


Poshmark is a top-rated site for selling second-hand fashion for men and women. It offers so many options for earning, so it is up to you to choose your most convenient one. Members can sell their clothes or supply wholesale clothes and resell them. Another popular option is to sell excellent thrift finds after cleaning or altering them. The site takes a fee for each sale, which can vary depending on the item’s price. 

Univox community

The Univox community is a platform that does marketing research. They will pay you for completing surveys and sharing your opinions. Using this app is very convenient, as you get your surveys delivered straight to your inbox. 


ViewFruit is a site where you can take paid surveys. Not only do you get to fill questionnaires, but you can also earn from chatting with like-minded people and voting on different topics. These activities bring you points, which can be exchanged for cash. The payments are made within one to five business days, and the minimum cashout is $5.


The Panel Station is a massive community of people willing to share their opinions and contribute to marketing research. Companies use this feedback to improve their goods and services, so your evaluation is essential. Surveys will take anywhere from 12 to 15 minutes, while you get more money for the more complicated ones. However, the meaning opportunities don’t stop here. Users will earn points from updating their profile or taking part in thread discussions. The minimum age required is 16, which means that teens can use this app to make money. 


Opinion Bureau is an online survey platform that does marketing research. You can earn from filing questionnaires for referring your friends. The app is simple and easy to use, so anyone will be able to figure it out. The questions cover broad consumer topics, so they are easy to answer as well.


Crownit is another app that participates in market research but takes it to an advanced level. Users will voluntarily give access to data about their spending habits, and the app will reward them. There are plenty of activities available, such as scratch-off tickets, games, and filling surveys.  However, keep in mind that it only operates in India. 


Toluna is a popular marketing research app that rewards you for sharing your opinion. You can complete surveys, play games, and share reviews while getting paid for it. The surveys take from 5 to 20 minutes to complete and are accessible. You can exchange the points earned for cash or gift vouchers. 

Rakuten Insight

Rakuten Insight is a survey site that will pay you for filing their questionnaires. Unlike other sites, there are no other possibilities for earnings other than surveys. You will receive the surveys directly on your email and can decide whether you want to take them or not. However, the service is only available in India. 


Zippy Opinion is a survey app oriented towards the Indian market. You can earn money by sharing your opinions about specific products, in the hope of improving them. The site will reward you with gift cards from their partner network. They organize Facebook contests which give you a chance to earn even more. 


YouGov is a site that researches general topics of interest to analyze public opinion. They want to know what people think about specific products, brands, politics, or events. Each survey is simple to complete, taking only five to seven minutes. However, there are longer surveys that will bring you more money. With each activity, you can get points that can be exchanged for cash or gift cards from famous retailers. 

Google opinion rewards

The Google Opinion Reward allows you to earn from answering polls, hotel reviews, and surveys. You will receive an invite for surveys, and you have the complete freedom to choose whether you want to take it or not. With being available as a free app for iOS and Android, you can make money from anywhere at any time. You can get rewarded either with cash to your PayPal account or Google Play credit. 

Opinion app

The Opinion App allows you to access all of your surveys and panels within a convenient app. It will record your earnings and keep track of your rewards after completing each survey. Not only do you get to earn money, but you can continue to influence important decisions and improve your favorite brands. 

i-Say rewards

i-Say is a reputable online survey site owned by the well-known marketing research company Ipsos. They will reward you with points for each survey, depending on the complexity. The accumulated points can be exchanged for gift cards, cash, or as a prepaid card. However, keep in mind that it will take 3 to 4 weeks for the cash payment to be processed. Also, you might not be eligible for every survey posted. 

iPanel online

This is one of the oldest sites that has been online for years. They have over 6.5 million users worldwide, allowing everyone to earn using their mobile device. They cover a diverse range of consumer categories, such as technology, automotive, beauty, and travel. If you want to earn money, you can fill the available surveys or participate in forum discussions. Other options are to join in weekly sweepstakes or referring your friends to join. They are pretty quick with ending payments, as it will take from one to two business days to process. iPanel sends regular invites monthly, so expect to get from 5 to 10 surveys. 

Media rewards

Media Rewards will reward you for sharing your media habits, such as watching TV or listening to the radio. They measure the impact that ads have on consumer behavior, so your opinion is critical. After watching or listening to an ad, you will answer questions about your thoughts or habits related to the product. The best thing that this app pays you by the minute for watched ads. However, they will additionally pay you for completing a survey. However, the only downside is that you can only get gift cards from famous shops. This app doesn’t allow you to redeem your points for cash.


StreetBees will pay you for completing small tasks through your phone. Upon registration, you provide specific details about yourself. The app will show you jobs that are suitable for your demographic. The chatbot will ask you a series of questions related to habits, products, or brands. The whole process is completed within two to ten minutes. Also, they offer additional tasks such as mystery shopping. Since you invest more effort and time in this, they will pay you more. 


Prediqt will pay you for watching videos, completing surveys, and testing apps. There are a few options to redeem your earnings, such as cash, crypto, or vouchers. However, keep in mind that the tasks are only available for US residents. 


This app mainly focuses on deodorants, but this doesn’t have to mean that they don’t cover other lifestyle topics. Co-Deo allows you to earn through forum discussions and polls, sharing your opinions about the specific products. The questionnaires are straight and straightforward wards, not taking longer than 10 minutes. The minimum payout amount is $10.


ClipClaps is an app that helps you earn money through watching videos or playing games. You can scroll through the feed and watch any videos that you like. The money is transferred through PayPal, with a minimum of 10$ per transaction. If you want to browse social media feeds, his app will become your favorite. 

Current Rewards

Current Rewards is an app that pays you for listening to music. If you like to listen to music in your free time, this app allows you to get money for it. You make money with each minute of listening to music on your mobile device. With over 100,000 radio stations available, you will find a piece that suits your taste. 

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