Andrew Hansen Forever Affiliate

Is It Right For You?

Andrew Hansen Forever AffiliateJoin me for a review of Andrew Hansen’s Forever Affiliate training course. As someone who has been actively involved in affiliate marketing for many years I’ve seen virtually every training program of any significance. They always seek to teach you how to have more success in your online marketing efforts; doing it easier, with less cost, and quicker. So why is this course by Andrew any different? Does Forever Affiliate work, and is it worth it?

Note: Do yourself a favor and avoid reviews, positive or negative, of this or any product when it’s from someone who has clearly not bought and/or used the product they’re reviewing. Someone who reviews Forever Affiliate or any product, but doesn’t own it, is either simply shady or are promoting a competing product. Either way, the view you’ll be presented will be skewed. I review lots of products for a living, and if something doesn’t live up to its billing I’ll plainly say so. The Andrew Hansen affiliate marketing strategy is something I use and believe in, and am proud to associate with, thus my review.

Next, is there “really” money being made in affiliate marketing. Every single expert I’ve heard from or read about agrees… online retail and revenue is going to continue skyrocketing, creating enormous opportunities for this who know how. Here’s what MarketingLand had to say about it:

“Affiliate marketing will play a key role in the online strategy of luxury advertisers as mobile commerce and other consumer behavior trends evolve at a fast pace.”

Andrew Hansen – Acclaimed Affiliate Marketing Guru

The Forever Affiliate program was developed as a way of giving back, of helping others. And he’s been at it for a long time, formerlyAndrew Hansen Affiliate Marketing Strategies leading with the Andrew Hansen Unstoppable Affiliate program which at the time was also leading edge. While he charges a nominal fee (I mean really nominal, much less than any of the others) in my opinion its a reasonable cost which covers his training development, printing, marketing and video expenses, all which add up to a hefty expense on his part. Sure, he is making money from this training, too, no doubt about that. As he should. But when you compare what he offers to programs like Amazon Money Machine which charged clients $3,000 you’ll quickly see what I mean. It couldn’t be more clear that Andrew truly cares and wants to give back. After all, this guy has made a fortune doing exactly what he’s teaching you how to do in Forever Affiliate.

Not one to beat around the bush I’ll say it here and now that the cost of the Andrew Hansen Forever Affiliate program is $97. Forget misleading ads or articles touting a Forever Affiliate Coupon, Free Guide, or Download… there are none. However, you can also elect to try the program for one week for $1 (I recommend it highly), and then if you like it you can pay the remaining amount in two smaller, separate payments. That option is available when you get to his site and after reading his page, just close that page out… a new window will pop-up and ask you if you would like to try it. Simply click to stay on the page and the $1 offer will come up.

Forever Affiliate Product Page

Another point I’ll make about Andrew is his honesty. Forever Affiliate Warrior Forum discussions make it clear that his is truly one of the most highly regarded out there. He hasn’t received the accolades that he has from industry leaders by being shady. If you aren’t happy with your program you truly get your money back, and Andrew goes further and promises you an extra $100 of his own money if you failed to make money with his course. I think its crystal clear that he means business.

Forever Affiliate Claims

Let’s Look At A Bold Claim Made On The Site

The 3 step system that spits out a $300 – $3000 per

month passive income mini site every time you run it.

This is the heart of the training you will receive. The idea is, that the holy grail of affiliate marketing is to make passive income, for ever and ever. That is, to work hard to build your portfolio of sites, and then with only minimal upkeep to continually reap the financial rewards from those sites, for years to come. I now have 9 websites up and also many articles published on various sites, many of those rank on the top of search engines on their own.

As you’ll learn, if you keep working and building more of these super quick and easy sites then you’ll keep increasing the amount of monthly income you can earn, forever. After you sign up you’ll be welcomed by Andrew and he’ll give you a brief overview of what to expect. Here’s a screenshot of the welcome and overview of some of the early training segments.

Andrew Hansen Forever Affiliate Inside Look

First, the Andrew Hansen Forever Affiliate program leaves no stone unturnedthere is nothing that you need to know which isn’t provided for you, period. This training is that intense and complete. Second, it’s as if Andrew was born to train and lead; he has put the program together in such a way that any person can get it right. Complete with overviews, indexes and summaries… there is little room left for anything to go wrong.

What you see pictured here are some of the earliest training modules you’ll go through. You’ll quickly see that Andrew is building you up for a lifetime of success by providing the very foundations of information off of which success is built, so that you can carry on and replicate this system time and time again. Phase 1, for example, is a look at how you determine the size and viability of potential markets, an area where many affiliates get it wrong. Then you’ll learn about funneling, the process whereby you learn which one of the products/markets that you’ve identified are the correct path to profitability, for you.

There are over 50 training segments in all, and here are some examples of those: How to Dominate Search Rankings, New Site Promotion, New Domains For Mini Sites, Follow The Trail Of Market Leaders, The Big Overvault, Plugins That Matter, Where Affiliates Really Make Money, Lateral Thinking Niche Discovery, Profitability Testing A Market, Laying Out and Optimizing Content, and so much more!

Forever Affiliate – Inside

The Nuts And Bolts Of Affiliate Marketing

You’ll find with many (if not most) of the affiliate training programs that there are holes, big holes, that are capable of leaving some people in the dark. Take something as essential but basic as setting up your Google Analytics account. For Affiliate Marketing Nuts and Boltsmost of us there’s nothing to it and well, it’s almost something we wouldn’t consider including either. But in the Forever Affiliate program Andrew covers those kinds of things, too, so that no one, regardless of their experience level, is left wondering what to do. People who know about setting up their Analytics account simply bypass that step, no problem.

As someone who has bought and tried so many of the programs out there, in the hopes of gaining some new nuggets of information or golden insights, I truly appreciate the time and attention that has gone into building the Andrew Hansen Forever Affiliate program for us. The same can be said about Google Sniper 2.0, which is probably the second best program you can buy. When I say that Andrew Hansen includes everything in his Forever Affiliate training, I mean everything. Take setting up a WordPress blog, for example. Again, for many of us there’s nothing to it. But if you’re new to the business this is crucial information that you need to know. Andrew teaches you, step by step, how to set up a blog. From installing and setting up your themes, plugins and content, but also nuances such as optimizing your sidebar content.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a basic course, there are loads and loads of theory and tactics that you’ll learn which are more advanced, but you’ll walk through them in steps that meet your comfort level. Here’s another sampling of the topics you’ll learn about: Cloaking And Tracking, Optimizing Content, Optimizing Layout, Press Releases, Tiered Link Building, Leveraging Guest Posts, Adding Content To Lower Bounce Rates, Testing – Validation Theory, and a whole lot more! In fact its surprising, really, the amount of work and detail that has been put into the Andrew Hansen Forever Affiliate program.

In summary let me just say that I’m extremely glad I found this training and there’s no doubt that it turned my online marketing efforts around completely, to the point where I was able to finally make money from my work. Because of what I know and what I’ve experienced myself I’m able to gladly share with you why I wish that every work at home mom and dad, every online marketer and every blogger had access to the Andrew Hansen Forever Affiliate training, it’s that life changing. Below is an old video (2 years or so ago, I believe) of Andrew talking about Google Analytics. I post it only to show that even 2 years ago Andrew was trying to make a difference for bloggers, to help them succeed. And every day that you go on blindly is essentially money lost. Make a bold move for your future right now and grab this program, tomorrow won’t wait for you.

Andrew Hansen Provides Affiliate Success Forever


I’ve been asked if I had to pick a 2nd place product what would it be, so here it is… Google Sniper. It’s another one which I’m using and have been successful and happy with. Both of these are targeting essentially similar marketing techniques using ultra-niche mini-sites, and both are top rated by virtually everyone in the business. I don’t know if I’d recommend anyone to buy both knowing what I know now, pick the one you feel most comfortable with. Just remember my recommendation is based on the training from Andrew’s course, which is more robust in my opinion. Now that you’ve finished this Andrew Hansen Forever Affiliate Review, stop by his site and check it out, you have nothing to lose.