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Covert Pinpress Review | WordPress Themes

Covert PinPress Review

Covert PinPress Review - Engaging WordPress Theme

A review and analysis of the new version 2 of Covert PinPress, including demo images. The platform off of which this theme was built is, of course, Pinterest. We all know the story of how this amazing social media giant grew from obscurity to the top in a few short months. What's their secret?

It turns out, not surprisingly, that people in the media age want to be stimulated with visuals and media rich sites, and they want the information they're after, right now. Old-fashioned, content-heavy blogs have a place, sure, but they aren't the ones which will be driving potentially viral traffic. Pinterest, and now Covert PinPress, excite and entice people to share. While other platforms and social media networks have also tapped into this media frenzy, now every blogger has the opportunity to capture on their own sites, too.

With this theme on your WordPress blog you'll see that your site visitors stay on page longer thanks to the visual appeal. They immediately feel at home thanks to being conditioned by using Pinterest, and your page will scroll into infinity, further improving your chances of shares and getting more time on-page and less bounce, both of which help to improve your SERPs.

And this isn't the first, or only, theme which attempts to mimic the success and experience of Pinterest. However, it may be the last. The features which are available to you and I through this incredible platform are amazing, and even surprising.

In this review I'll analyze and compare this theme so that you can have a better understanding of just how much Covert PinPress can do for your sites.

Here's a look at why Covert PinPress is driving crazy amounts of traffic and achieving phenomenal search engine rankings. Everyone uses Pinterest and Facebook, and having familiar and trusted share buttons like these on every post achieves more social engagement (e.g. backlinks) than you ever thought possible.

If you order from our link below, simply send me a message from the "Contact" button on the HomePage here, include your PinPress purchase transaction number so I can verify that you purchased it from here, and I'll send you an updated bonus package which includes Blog Tracker, Plus Authority, Rock Solid SEO, YouTube In A Box, and Unstoppable Facebook Traffic.

Covert PinPress Theme Download

What Makes Covert PinPress So Awesome

  • Quick, simple one-click installation.
  • Your blog will look and feel like Pinterest.
  • Because it's so familiar, visitors will Pin, Like and Share your content.
  • People have been "conditioned" to like this format and their time on page and click-through ratio will be significantly higher, resulting in better SERPs.
  • Very fast loading theme, adding additional SEO benefit to your site.
  • Quickly and easily move old blogs to the new Covert PinPress theme.
  • Infinite scroll means your visitors will keep scrolling down to find and enjoy (and share) more of your content than ever before... just like Pinterest.
  • Share buttons look exactly like the ones they've used for years on Pinterest and Facebook, meaning they're much more likely to feel at ease using them.

I thought the price of this WordPress theme was $27

For three days, when the product launched, the "launch day" price was $27. However, for a while longer they're still offering Covert PinPress at over 50% off, so don't wait to pay the full $97 price. You'll probably never get the chance again to get the theme and a developer's license for over half off.

Is Covert PinPress Easy To Install?

Yes, this WordPress theme was designed purposely to be very simple to install and manage. From the ground up, the developers created a platform that is super easy to use so that you can focus on creating more content.

Can I install this on an existing WordPress blog?

Yes, you can install it onto new or existing sites. Changing over from a different theme is really easy.

Is the price for one website or for as many as I want?

Right now you get over 50% off and a developer's license when you buy Covert PinPress by using the link at the bottom of this review page. That means you can use it on as many sites as you own. Since the theme is still new they're offering a discount to build awareness, but at some point you'll have to pay the full price, so I wouldn't hesitate.

A Closer Look At Covert PinPress

At first glance you can see how similar this stealthy theme appears to Pinterest. Your posts appear as imaged icons on the landing page, complete with small descriptions beneath, just like we're all accustomed to.

But that appearance, which has now been proven to drive and capture more traffic, is only part of the equation. What fuels the potential for driving more traffic is that the sharing buttons are placed covertly, yet plainly in site. These share and like buttons are the same as the ones we all use every day, so clicking on them is much more natural than clicking on some generic share box.

Extensive testing has shown that engaging platforms like Pinterest outperform all other blog designs in terms of "time on page", "bounce rate" and "clicks." All of the metrics which matter to bloggers and anyone who earns a living through internet marketing.

Pure content sites are too boring for general surfers to stay on. People want stimulation and engagement right here, and right now. That's something that word-heavy sites with old-fashioned themes simply cannot provide. When you've installed Covert PinPress on your site, rather than have 10 posts on your homepage, for example, your landing page will scroll to infinity, which means one thing... your visitors are going to keep scrolling, looking at your images, reading your captions and pinning and liking a lot more than they ever would before.

The secret PinPress power lies in its familiar look and feel. When people land on a typical, old-style blog they aren't sure. They don't necessarily know the blogger, nor the site. The chances of them clicking on an image or link are fairly small, as you probably know from your own internet marketing tests. These visitors may read some content, but most of them will leave without any engagement at all. Most will never return.

Using Covert PinPress changes that because people who land on your site immediately feel welcomed and at home, thanks to the trust they've established with Pinterest. That trust makes your site feel familiar and they know instinctively what do to... Pin images and share cool posts. Exactly what we want them to do.

Every time they hover their mouse over an image, something expected happens. Three icons will appear at the top, just like on Pinterest. When people hover their mouse over an image on your blog's front page three sharing buttons will appear on top of the image... "Pin" "Send" and "Like".

When they click on the "Pin" button they automatically go to Pinterest and pin your image, giving you a link to your blog and possible viral traffic. When they click on the Heart (or "Like") button, they automatically, and covertly share your post on their Facebook wall... how's that for stealthy?

Finally, if they select the "Send" button they'll have a prompt to send/share it via Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. All in all there's never been a more natural, intuitive way to share content with readers and get them to share it so willingly. Adding the most engaging and interesting images that you can to your posts will almost ensure that you get tons more traffic than you do right now.

Here's a screenshot of the Covert PinPress theme. Click on it for a larger version where you can see how similar this looks to Pinterest, and how easily it is for your visitors to browse, and share, your amazing content.

Even the post pages look much more enticing than a regular blog. First, the images (choose visually appealing images) stand out and beg to be shared. Next, you'll see that there are blatant calls to action (sharing) in the form of "Re-Pin", "Like", and "Share" buttons which look just like, and are placed in the same way as the ones they use and trust every day. This "trust" and "familiarity" factors help drive so much more traffic.

Covert PinPress Review | Conclusion

After reviewing and analyzing this new WordPress theme, it's clear that Covert PinPress is setting a new standard for bloggers and internet marketers. It's also opening up a whole new world, bridging the gap between social networks and bloggers, providing an opportunity for your content to be shared in a much more viral way than previously possible with content-heavy sites.

This new path is beneficial to people like us who blog because it means that we can focus less on content for specific posts, and instead focus on creating more posts with highly interesting images and captions which in turn drive visitors to share and like. That engagement in turn provides more backlinks so that your sites can rank quicker and higher, and, perhaps more importantly, it almost assures you more natural and potentially viral traffic. People like to share interesting things, and they do it automatically if its easy for them... now with Covert PinPress content its naturally easy.

Set up and installation are a breeze even for beginners thanks to the comprehensive instructions and tutorials provided with the theme. Whether you've installed a theme before or not, this will be a one-click install for you. Migrating from another WordPress theme is a snap as well. And you can easily configure your site with the impressive 10 Step Installation Process, which is built in and automatic when you install, so there's nothing to fear.

I have not found any issues regarding installation or set up while preparing this review.  The new version of this theme, Covert PinPress 2, is simply a well-refined machine. That doesn't mean that there isn't some work involved, however.

If you want to get the absolute maximum benefit from this theme then you need to make sure that each of your posts have captivating and exciting (or interesting) images. As you know from Pinterest, people are image driven and it won't matter (in most cases) what your content contains or is about... if you don't capture their interest with your images then you're less likely to get social shares.

So, with that said, I feel it's important to mention in this review that most of us who have standard (or typical) blogs will need to go back and revisit the images we used and either add new one or re-arrange them so that the most compelling are used as the thumbnails. That's an easy fix, but I wanted to mention it.

Other than that I don't know of any conflicts or issues related to using Covert PinPress, and this new version 2 has done a great job of using the experiences from the first, original release and turning into a finely tuned theme.

It may not be for everyone, but there is no doubt that engaging, media-rich sites are the future of internet marketing and there has never been a better time, a better theme, or a better price than right now to get started. Pick up your copy of the new Covert PinPress 2 below, where you can visit the product page and learn more specific information about what it can do for you.

Covert PinPress Official Product Page