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This is a quick note to let you know that there are a couple of changes coming. The first is obvious for those who are regular readers, a change in the theme that we’ve been using. Previously I’ve used Elegant Themes (you know I LOVE Elegant Themes, see special deal in sidebar) and also Cyber Chimps.  Now we’re giving this theme from MyThemeShop a try, and it’s called Yosemite. I’ll review it later.

Other than that I’m re-committing myself to 1) evaluating the content that I’ve written here in the past. I know some of it is dated and even obsolete and I want to be certain I’m providing the best possible information.  And 2) I want to start writing more often. At some point I just got away from this blog and spent more time on others I own in other niches, and of course things in real life just carried me away.

So thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll be back soon.


Google Sniper 3.0 | Does It Work And Who Needs It

– Watch The Special Google Sniper Insider’s Video Here –

Google Sniper 3.0 Review

Google Sniper 3.0 has been released and this long-lived franchise has earned it’s spot as king of the affiliate arena. I have reviewed and been an affiliate of Google Sniper since the beginning (and heavily with 2.0) and it’s far and away the single most important tool I recommend for affiliates of all levels who are not having success and who are desperate to start earning money.

Below is my Google Sniper review but I also want to touch on the matter of affiliate success (or failure) and why programs like this one, which teach you how to “successfully” position yourself to rank well in search engines such as Google, is so important; it has saved more than one affiliate from quitting and helped revive the internet careers of others.

The thing I will say first is that you must get out of the “get rich quick” mindset, and quit falling prey to all of the marketers online who are telling you to buy product after product, offering scam bonuses just to get you on their mailing list, etc…. I bet you saw numerous other reviews listed on Google for the Google Sniper System, some of them promising you $20,000 of free products if you order from them (I don’t think I would trust a review from someone like that, and the products are ALWAYS trash and not worth downloading even for free). All you have to do is give them your mailing address so they can send you offer after offer, and I’ve had more than one “free bonus” include viruses in their torrent.

If you visit Google Sniper from this page there is no “catch”, no mailing list to sign up for… just quick training so you can start making money right now.

Why Google Sniper

What you need is someone who you trust to give you a real review or better understanding of a product, which I hope to provide here. One disclaimer: I’m an affiliate marketer and have made my living solely online for 5 years. I recommend other products, too, like SEOPressor, which I own and use, and its my must-have tool for making SEO optimized posts as easy as possible. What I don’t do is recommend every product out there hoping to make a sale. If I recommend it, I believe in it.

Google Sniper MicrositesSo what is Google Sniper and why do you need it? First and foremost, as I mentioned already, this system is the most successful system of its kind and has led to more online successes than any other system. The system is quite simple and that’s why I love it like everyone else. In a nutshell, you will learn how to build targeted small sites (sniper sites) which rank quick in search engines and draw a LOT of traffic for free.

No matter if you are completely new to online marketing, or a seasoned veteran, Google Sniper will walk you through every single step from picking your niche (if you’re new see this page which explains a niche), choosing the best keywords to use, buying a domain for maximum effectiveness, setting up WordPress, and of course everything else you need to get up and running… fast!

And here is why I truly love this system… it’s a simple setup from site to site. You put the work in now and reap rewards for a long time, almost on autopilot, which is the elusive passive income that we all work for. You set these micro sites up and move on to the next one, and eventually you’ll so much money coming in you won’t believe it. If you’re like me or others in the business, you have probably spent a lot of time and money trying to make money. With Google Sniper you won’t be chasing a dream, but living it.

Google Sniper – The System That Works!

Google Sniper TeamGeorge Brown, who developed the Google Sniper training program (his team shown here), left nothing out and even includes step by step video guides to make sure there is no one who is left in the dark. I think that this attention to detail, and ensuring that every single person of every level is making money as fast as possible, and that the system WORKS, is what makes this one the perennial favorite. For those who have owned a previous version, this is a must-have upgrade. For those who have heard of Google Sniper but never acted on it, you simply have to get in on this training right now and get started today.

George is insanely wealthy and among the most successful in our industry… and he’s young! His Google Sniper System works and works well, so don’t be a fence sitter, someone who can’t take action, or is indecisive. Do it and do it right now, and you will never look back!

When something like Google Sniper comes along, and becomes the #1 selling system for affiliates of all levels, then you know and can trust that it’s the right way to kick-start your online career and it’s also the only way you can be sure that you’re following the winners and not being just another affiliate following the next big thing. Watch or download the free video now and see why this is the most important tool you will ever own as an online marketer and its your surest bet to start making money online, right now.

Watch the free video now and see why top affiliates recommend it above all others, and why Google Sniper is your virtual key to success.



Minimalist WordPress Themes

Minimalist WordPress ThemesMinimalist WordPress themes? Alright so this post is an answer to the question one of my readers sent me. Jeff is a blogger who says that he’s always used lots of visual candy on his sites (images, graphics, infographics, videos, etc…), but the result has been that his blogs are bloated pretty badly and his load times suffer as a result. And of course, load times dramatically affect your search engine ranking which is why I’ve always leaned towards CyberChimps themes for their great coding and framework.

But to help Jeff in his pursuit of minimalist WordPress themes I have two choices I’d like to discuss. The first, Covert PinPress, is a theme that I haven’t yet bought or used, having just came across it this week, though I’m almost positive that I’ll be picking it up because I have a feeling it is going to be a massive boon for those who have seen the light and are targeting social marketing (more on that in a minute). The other is a super-simple and very fast little fox named Skeleton, which happens to be free.

Covert PinPress – A light-footed Social Marketing Genius

Covert PinPress is a Pinterest-like WordPress theme which is by its very nature a minimalist piece of work. As you can see in the intro image above, which shows you what the image from your posts will look like, the ability for readers to like and share your content is more than just easy, it’s built to look just like Pinterest and millions of people know to intuitively like and share content. The premise behind this theme is to build viral traffic leveraging the power of social networks, which we all know to be powerful marketing monsters.

The landing page of PinPress looks almost identical to Pinterest, which is exactly their intent. Visitors to your blog, if you’re using this theme, will immediately feel at home and intuitively start to scroll down, sharing and liking content as they do. From your front page they can “Pin” images (and the post) from right there without ever opening the post thanks to the recognizable “Pin – Repin” button.

There’s a lot of buzz around this theme and for good reason. This theme truly has the potential to turn what used to be “relatively” boring content based sites into visually rich “boards,” from which your visitors gladly share your content, on their own, with their friends and contact. For example, if they click the “Like” button, your post is automatically liked on their Facebook page without any popups or without your visitor leaving your page. Here’s a video which explains more about the theme… you can see the inside of the theme and how it will look on your site. Also read my review of it here.

Skeleton – A Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Theme

The folks at SimpleThemes could easily charge for this theme, but they don’t. Anyone looking for a lightweight theme would be silly to not download this gem, even if you don’t use it right away. First, it’s not just light on its feet and minimalist in design, but it’s responsive so you can serve up your content to readers regardless of their device type.

Skeleton Minimalist WordPress ThemeNext, its pretty fast considering that it’s free. MotionBuzz did a test of a variety of themes, free and premium, and in that test Skeleton boasted the best Page Speed grade (Google Page Speed) with a score of 92, beating out some notables like SimpleThemes Synapse, Genesis PageLines, WooThemes Canvas, and Theme Blvd Jump Start.

This theme is built on the Skeleton Boilerplate and though it’s designed to be simple and light, it is in fact pretty feature rich. I love that it includes shortcodes to make designing great content much simpler. For bloggers who aren’t comfortable with CSS, php or developing their own child themes, you’ll be happy to know that this one comes packaged with a sample child theme so that you can easily customize it without having to worry about losing your content with every new update.

In the end I think that both of these serve as great minimalist WordPress themes, albeit in different ways; neither competes with the other since they serve a different design objective. For me, I’m grabbing PinPress because I plan on joining the ranks of those making a lot of money with social marketing, and there isn’t a better path.



Social Media Links 101

Social Media Icons

Social media links are the backbone of modern internet business, regardless of platform or audience. There was a time when backlinks where the most important aspect in getting a good search engine ranking, and also the easiest to obtain. These days, however, social media is the primary driver of ranking behind only the actual content (and even that can take the second seat to social signals, as I’ll show later).

So what’s behind this evolving emphasis on social media links and signals? First, undeniably the primary driver has to be simply that people like social media and use (and trust) it. Secondly, Google, Bing, Yahoo and others have realized that backlinks weren’t a good metric to measure the importance and value of a page because, well, it is too easy to manipulate. Social signals are both natural and real-time… current attempts to manipulate social signals aside, search engines can better gauge a site’s relative importance and the interest of viewers by looking at how many times it is being shared, bookmarked, Tweeted, liked, etc…

The problem is, as I mentioned, that even now people are looking for ways to game the system and get fake likes and shares… but trust me when I say that the search engines will catch up and retroactively punish those people just like they did in the past with spammy backlinks. It’ll be relatively easy to see which social accounts are fake and only set up to manipulate social signals because real people act, well, real. Authentic social media links have both short and long-term value and should be at the top of any bloggers priority list.

Social Media Icons

Monitor Social Media ActivitiesAlso, if you want to engage in the current and hot social topics related to your post or site then you should be monitoring conversations related to them. Specifically, I like and recommend that you use the free site socialmention.com to find relevant posts on your topic and get involved in the conversation and build connections… it’s the best way to gain relevance and get your own site in front of eyes. Be sure to add social media to website… have icons placed on your site and articles so that it is easy for readers to share and like your content. Webappers is a good resource for cool and free social media link buttons that you can use to customize your site. Social media website integration is an integral part of gaining attention.

Earlier I alluded to the fact that social media links can have more importance than even the actual content on the page. How can that possibly be, you ask? Quite simply, search engines look for the topic or subject of content and then use algorithms to determine value. Let’s say a post is about a new dog food, but when you and I read the post we realize that it is clearly poorly written and not at all something we would buy from, BUT, the writer included an incredibly funny image of a dog crapping in his food bowl. People would likely share that post just for the funny image, and over time search engines would measure that crappy content as valuable for its keyword based on the volume of social activity. Integrated social media is now the holy grail for bloggers. See my post on SEO Factors for even more on this.

This realization should drive your focus when you’re writing new articles to include something that people will “want” to share. Either incredibly stellar content, or something funny, unusual, bizarre, etc… that they’ll want to share with others. I always include a Pinterest Pin button just below every such image to make it easy for people to spontaneously share the image (and my link). Check out this article I wrote at Squidoo and scroll down to see how I used the Pinterest button on cool images. I also try to use catchy introduction images so that if people Pin or share the article from another source (other than my special share button) that it’ll use an imagine that get people to look.

Social Media Links Blueprint

But this brings up to the point of this post, getting social media links that work for you. Below is an infographic from TechMagnate.com which highlights the effects that Google’s Hummingbird algorithm will have on us and how social media links fit in. In particular, it is crystal clear now to everyone that Google Plus is THE social media that matters most, so if you haven’t gotten involved yet you need to start. Of course Facebook matters, as do others, and aren’t far behind in terms of value or importance, but when you know that one source stands out then it makes sense to take advantage of it. Have a look.

Social Media Links and Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Free Social Media Links

There are lots of places where you can “buy” likes, shares and tweets, but as we’ve shown, this is virtually worthless and may even be detrimental to your content. I would avoid places like Fiverr and SEOclerks for gigs involving fake shares. Besides, it’s really simple to get your own links and social activity, for free. First, set up an account at all of the top social sites. Here’s a great article which discusses where and how you can get dofollow links. Once you have your accounts set up at the bookmarking and social sharing sites, spend just a few minutes each day surfing and liking and sharing relevant content. Time is money so just a few minutes will do the trick. Then each time you have a new post be sure to also share the link on these sites. Here’s another great list of the top sites where you can get good dofollow backlinks.

Finally, be proactive with your top sites (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) by finding followers/subscribers to join your network… this will be an enormous boost to ALL of your future work, so time you spend there now will pay off for a long, long time. Watch these videos guides to learn how to make social media links work for you.

Using Social Media to Create Links to Your Site – Stephan Spencer

Amy Porterfield does a great job of breaking down how you can start to use social media to your advantage… lot’s of people don’t understand how simple it is, and this makes it as clear as possible how you can get social media links.

How to Get More Fans on Facebook

How To Get More Followers On Twitter Using Content


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